The Dargavel Estate in Bishopton continues to grow by the week it seems...and so do the complaints about the problems it is causing.

Many people are unhappy about being stuck in traffic jams.

There are also concerns over a lack of parking spaces at Bishopton train station, inadequate public transport between Bishopton and Inchinnan, increasing numbers in the local primary school, a perceived lack of facilities and a health centre that isn’t fit for purpose.

Apart from all of that, most people living here like the area.

Sadly, I am now hearing of folk who are considering moving out.

I know there have been dozens of meetings with dozens of folk about dozens of issues – and some good things have come out of them – but more and more people seem to be complaining about the lack of basic facilities.

It could be because more people are living in the area now and the issues are more apparent.

Take the local roads heading out of Bishopton, Erskine and Inchinnan. It seems they are becoming more gridlocked by the day.

The M8 seems to be imitating a car park at times.

New slip roads in and out of the village will be a welcome sight but the increased traffic will only be joining the same M8, so the proposed new rail link at Paisley to Glasgow Airport is much needed and can’t arrive quickly enough.

The local primary school seems to be bursting at the seams but still there is no word of a new one, so what will happen when the latest primary one intake moves through the years?

What we haven’t heard of is many big businesses moving to the area, which could solve some of the commuting difficulties and transport issues for those who currently need to get in and out of the area.

Maybe if more people were to go along to the community council meetings, as well as lobbying their councillors and MSP, we might find we have more leverage for more positive outcomes.