Did you admire the lovely snowy scenes from your window over the weekend?

Or maybe you were lucky enough to get out and enjoy building snowmen?

There is no doubt that the snow is lovely to look at but, for many, it just brings misery as folk struggle to get to work in their cars and pedestrians slip, slide and fall on their way to work or while heading to the shops.

Granted, snow ploughs have been out and they have done a great job if they cleared the road you just happened to be using but, for many in Erskine and the surrounding area, not a gritter was to be spotted in their street.

Yes, resources have to be used the best they can but, in this day and age, I would suggest that failing to clear pavements is just unacceptable.

What about the carers who need to visit those who are housebound and perhaps have no family and friends to look after them?

Of course, we could all do our little bit by clearing our own driveway and the pavement outside our home but I would like to suggest that, in addition, we engage the services of those who are locked up in our jails and detention centres up and down the country.

They are sitting doing nothing, locked up for hours on end, and we are paying for them to do that. How about using them more productively and giving them a chance to repay society by making themselves useful for a while?

Surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to organise this – especially when so many pavements aren’t being cleared properly by the council?