I have just spent the last weekend tidying up my garden whilst the gardener took on the job of pruning, cutting back and removing bushes and trees that were looking a little sad.

I feel I have had a great start on my outdoor jobs for this summer, so it was with interest that I read of the community’s litter-picking volunteers who are doing tremendous work in trying to get on top of all the discarded rubbish that seems to clog up our bushes and hedges, as well as littering the streets.

It is just a pity that not everyone feels the same way about taking a pride in our community as they discard bottles, tyres, paper, bags and anything else they can’t be bothered putting in its proper place.

But there is good news ahead.

On the weekend of April 20-22, the whole of Renfrewshire is being encouraged to get up, get out and make a difference in the community by having a giant clean-up.

The local council has doubled its commitment to this effort by setting aside £2.5million to help volunteers.

This money will go towards an improved programme of gully maintenance.

In addition, the council will increase its mechanical road sweeping to every two months. This is another step forward, with six new litter-pickers being brought in to help keep our streets clean.

Of course, not everyone in our community will care about any of this. They will still throw their litter where they walk but we really have to try to stamp out this anti-social behaviour because the litter is a big turn-off for everyone living here.

We live in a really lovely part of the country and it is a sad reflection on society that we can’t seem to keep on top of the problem.

We can all do our bit by putting litter in its place – in a bin.

If possible, volunteer to take part in a litter-pick in your area and do your best to encourage others to take a pride in where they live.