Renfrewshire Council intends to move the temporary gym, currently housed in fancy portacabins at Erskine Sports Centre, to Park Mains High School. 

Now, some people may think this is a good idea, and the gym will have a permanent place. But, the parents of those students currently attending the high school have some concerns about the public having access to this during school hours.

The concern, of course, is the safety of the students, as the parents are worried about the free movement of those attending the gym into the actual school itself. A meeting this week is being held to discuss the issue, and it is to be hoped a solution will be found for all parties concerned.

In other matters, it is no surprise the number of primary school pupils needing educated due to the additional houses being built at Dargarvel has been revised upwards. The education chiefs were advised by the community the one primary school in Bishopton would not cope with the increased numbers, and the council agreed an additional primary school would be built by 2021.

Unfortunately, it looks as if there will be even more pupils than forecast, but the community council has come up with a good idea. They propose a new campus be built which would house both schools and the current primary school location be used for housing for the senior members in the community.

This sounds like a good idea as this would cater for both the young and those young at heart, meaning it would be a win-win situation.

Given the demand for care homes, sheltered accommodation and homes for single people is much in need in the area. The idea of one campus for the primary schools and freeing up an area for possible development sounds very sensible.

The question to be asked now is will the council planners listen to the suggestions coming from the community?