Boroughmuir Blaze 67

St Mirren West College Scotland 93

St Mirren West College Scotland Senior Men secured a crucial away win in the National League as they defeated Boroughmuir Blaze in Edinburgh.

Going into the top of the table clash Blaze had the same one loss record as the Saints.

Last weeks victory over Falkirk featured a valuable 18 points from Dale Grieve who was out for this fixture, however young Fergus Harte made a welcome return after illness.

Saints started the game in exactly the same manner as they finished with Falkirk, moving the ball and shooting well. With two minutes left in the quarter Saints were up 25-10.

Saints had five different scorers, led by Chris Barron and Fergus Harte. The Blaze recovered a little from the free throw line as the Saints enthusiastically defended their basket.

The period finished at 27-15.

In spite of Saints attempts to keep the defence strong, Blaze into the game and started to make their shots. The Paisley side’s three-point shooting was outstanding in this period as they made five long range bombs from four different players, Scott Armstrong leading the way with two.

Saints made another creditable 23 points which the Blaze matched to make it 50-38 at half-time.

After the break Saints were rejuvenated and poured in another 26 points with Nick Collins and Armstrong combining well for 14 of Saints’ points. The home team cracked under the pressure as a meagre nine points saw their challenge disappear.

At 47-76 Saints, with their reduced squad, began to feel the pace. Blaze attempted to fight their way back with a period of up tempo offence that did reduce the Saints lead to 19 half-way through the period, however this effort came back to haunt them as they tired quickly.

Saints conceded the final period at 20-17 but the game score stood at 93-67 to the Saints.

Saints players enjoyed another good spread of the points with Nick Collins making 23, Scott Armstrong 20, Chris Cleary 14, Fergus Harte 12 and Chris Barron 10.