From brushing shoulders with the likes of Triple H to making up wrestlers weights and hometowns, Simon Cassidy has seen it all in Insane Championship Wrestling writes Jack Crawford.

Paisley's own Cassidy is the ring announcer for the Scottish promotion who take over the SSE Hydro this weekend for the second year in a row.

And with all your favourite Scottish wrestlers, as well as worldwide superstars such as Kevin Nash, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio, all scheduled to appear it's a night not to be missed.

Cassidy says that he doesn't feel nerves ahead of big events in front of thousands - right up until he has to walk through the curtain, although he does admit that this event always brings a different kind of pressure.

He said:"I don't usually get nervous until literally the moment I'm about to walk out. It's almost like a wee light bulb goes up and you realise that you need to go out and talk to people and know what you're going to say.

"But there is a thing with the Hydro where a couple of days before it you start getting the butterflies in the stomach and know it's a big deal. It's not quite kicked in yet and I'll probably not get much sleep on Saturday.

"Everyone goes 'you must be looking forward to the Hydro', well, actually no - I'm looking forward to after the Hydro and I don't need to worry about it!"

The nerves have got to him a couple of times, as he admits to making errors on more than one occasion.

He said: "There was a night where I just made up someones weight and hometown because I just forgot what I was meant to say!

"The worst one I ever done was a night in Manchester and, unbeknown to the audience at the time, [WWE Legend] William Regal was backstage.

"I had just met him and I went out thinking that I have to a good job here. The LadBible were streaming the Main Event on their page as well.

"I went out and did the whole thing: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for your Main Event!'. And referee Sean McLaughlin looked over and went 'No it's not, you've missed a match!'

"So i just sheepishly turned around and said 'Sorry ladies and gentlemen, it's not time for the main event just yet!' and I was just like 'Oh god! Of all the times to get it wrong."

Cassidy, who attended Paisley Grammar, began as a competitor himself before deciding it wasn't for him.

He said: "I did train briefly for six months when I was 19 or 20. I hurt my back so I took a couple of weeks off and then came back and hurt it again, so just decided to make peace with the fact that [WWE Chairman] Vince McMahon was never going to sign a short, pasty, blonde gentlemen from Scotland so I decided to call it quits.

"Even when I was doing training I always wanted to be a Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan, or a manager type thing. But then just as time went on and I started presenting shows in school and in and around Glasgow during university, I really started to enjoy the presenting side of things and the hosting element of it.

"When the opportunity came up to go into ring annoucning it actually seemed like quite a natural fit and I've just rolled with it and it seems to have gone alright so far!"

ICW has continued to grow over the years as it now prepares for it's third arena show in as many years after a sell-out as the SECC was followed up by a show at the SSE Hydro.

And the promotion, that's owned by Mark Dallas, sent shockwaves around the wrestling world against just last week when 14-time World Champion Triple H showed up at one of companies tour shows in Cardiff.

He said: "It was absolutely surreal. I actually thought it was a joke.

"It got to the interval and I went backstage and someone came up to me and said 'Don't freak out but Triple H is standing at the bottom of those stairs', and he was just standing talking to Dallas.

"I very briefly got to meet him - I went over and shook his hand and introduced myself.

"There seems to be this thing in ICW where every time people say 'that'll never happen', in the not too distant future - it'll happen!

"If you told someone a year ago that we'd be running the Hydro, touring the company and having Triple H drop in, you wouldn't have believed anyone. But now it's a reality and we're a couple of days away from running our third arena show in three years - to go from Maryhill to that is incredible."

Cassidy also runs 'One Fall Media' - a name that is inspired by part of his ring announcing where the crowd shout those words back at him.

He is victim to a 'it's your fault' chant, and explained how this began, despite conflicting reports.

He said:"I registered One Fall media which is a Social Media/PR company and I work with a couple of wrestling promotions helping them do their social media.

"But we've also got our sponsored performers who are Polo Promotions, DCT, Billy Kirkwood, Aaron Echo and Viper and it's just giving them a little bit of help, guidance and support on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, arranging interviews and sending out press releases.

"The 'One Fall' chants grew fairly organically. It started with just a couple of people chanting it at the back of the hall and very quickly it became this thing. It was popping up in a few other places but it very quickly became synonymous with ICW.

"There are conflicting stories about the 'it's your fault' chant. Billy Kirkwood, the commentator, was doing his warm-up for the show and he made a passing comment about how he thought the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony was rubbish, and on a side note he went 'That's your fault Simon!'

"He went to keep talking but the first row started chanting 'it's your fault' then the second row, and within about 30 seconds in the O2 ABC in Glasgow there were 1300 people bellowing 'its your fault' and its never actually went away in three years."

Limited tickets are still available for this Sunday's show, and Cassidy couldn't urge you enough to go if you have never been to an ICW event.

He said: "If you're a fan of wrestling or ICW, you can't not be there. There's nothing like it.

"If you haven't been to an ICW show before and you're wondering if you should, then we've got Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio and Kevin Nash. We've got all the homegrown talent as well and it's a night out and experience you wont get anywhere else.

"I would defy any other form of entertainment to come close."