ST MIRREN manager Jack Ross says there is an unnecessary negative “stigma that’s attached with part-time football in Scotland”, and believes part-time players and managers deserve more respect than they get.

The Buddies host Dumbarton tomorrow, where Ross was an assistant manager for three years, and also played with part-time side Clyde as well as managing Alloa Athletic most recently.

The Sons are in their sixth year of being in the Championship, and Ross says his experiences being involved in part-time and full-time set ups across the country has given him admiration for part-time players.

He said: “I don’t like some of the stigma that is attached with part-time football in Scotland.

“We use part-time as a way of saying not as good, which is rubbish. It can be condescending at times as well.

“I had a first-hand experience of it and I’m very respectful of it. There are a lot of players and managers that are involved in part-time are very good and very talented.”

Ross has been at the helm of the Paisley side for over a year, and while he prefers full-time life, he enjoyed his time working in part-time environments, and was complimentary of Sons boss Stevie Aitken for his efforts with Dumbarton.

He added: “I enjoyed both, I’d say for selfish reasons this [full-time] is better because I get to work with players every single day.

“They are different, they’re both enjoyable – I loved working with part-time players. I’ve said that often enough to full-time players I work with because they have a slightly different mentality in their approach to things.

“They have other commitments to concentrate on in their lives, but they’re also remarkably committed.

“Some are doing that for very specific reasons to do with other things going on in their lives as well, that’s certainly not because they are not as good as people who are doing it full-time.

“Stevie [Aitken] is probably case in point with that. I have the utmost respect for it, and I would never turn my nose up at it.”