BY Kyle Gunn 

ORAN Kearney admits there’s nothing he can say to make the losing streak easier or rebuild the confidence of his players.

St Mirren go into tomorrow’s early kick off against Rangers on the back of six straight league defeats.

And Kearney says only when he gets that elusive first victory will the players' mindset switch to positive.

He said: “It is tough because we all know no matter what the manager, coach or any other player said, I knew my form and where I was at on the pitch.

"Yes you can have all the conversations in the world with players, you can tell them they are brilliant, tell them it will turn and all the things we would like to see, but deep down they know where they are at.

"They know what it takes to try and change that. It isn’t our actions off the pitch that will change the results, it is on it.”

The former Coleraine gaffer says he takes responsibility for the squad, and while he is looking to strengthen in January, he’s looking to see whether he can do something differently to reintegrate some of existing players.

The Gazette:

Oran Kearney has so far only picked up one point in charge of St Mirren 

He said:“It’s not about ultimatums but we all have a duty of care of the club and when I’m placed with the responsibility of the function of the club I have an absolute duty of care to try and do my best. 

“With each and every signing it has to improve. You don’t want to remove a player and sign someone who is worse. 

“I know that sounds like common sense but it can be quite hard to do and it’s so important to maximise the finances we do have. 

“I’ve seen a huge amount in relation to how I would like it to look moving forward. I have my ways I like to play the game and build a team and it’s hard to do that until you get your own angle on it. 

“But at the same time I’m analysing the players we’ve got to see if we can do something that fits and works to give them the best possible chance to be successful."