Johnstone Burgh saw their three game winning run brought to an abrupt halt as they fell to a 3-0 defeat away to Vale of Leven on Saturday.

The Keanie Park outfit were looking to make it four successive wins for the first time this season but two goals in five minutes from Vale striker Craig Cowan ended any Burgh hopes an hour in before Scott Gallagher added a third with 10 minutes remaining to complete the rout.

McKim had no complaints, however, as he insisted none of his players turned up. 

“That’s a result we want to forget. We were really, really poor,” McKim said.

“Collectively we just didn’t show up at all - we honestly didn’t have one player with pass marks from that. It’s a surprise as we’ve been great over the last few weeks but with a team of young players, there’s always going to be a level of inconsistency there. To win in this league, you need the majority of your players to have a good game but unfortunately for us every single one of our players failed to deliver on Saturday. 

“I have absolutely no complaints with that result. We got what we deserved. I’ve also got no complaints over our attitude either, though, as they did work for me but we just didn’t have enough on the day. We didn’t have a good game, it was as simple as that.

“The only positive I can take from that is that we get the chance to make up for it straight away this Saturday.

“All the boys realise they’ve let themselves down. They were all angry with each other after the match as they all know we should have played a lot better.

We’ve got a lot more to offer than that - I can sense already they’re all looking forward to making it right. 

“If you want to win matches in this league, you need around eight or nine of your players having a good game and on Saturday I didn’t have one. That’s the truth and we’ve spoke about it after the match but I’m not going to lose the rag with anyone now because everyone can have an off day - it’s just unusual that everyone had an off day on the same day.

“It’s a long season so we will have loads of opportunities throughout. Our points tally isn’t as good as it should be at this stage but we know there’s plenty of chances there to pick it up.

“Hopefully that’s out of our system now and we can look forward to this Saturday, to being positive again and to getting back to winning ways.” 

And while the gaffer was understandably disappointed with his side’s performance, he was also quick to recognise the opportunity Burgh now have to put that result and display behind them immediately as they look forward to a reverse fixture against Vale this Saturday at Keanie Park.

He said: “It’s unusual in our league to have a reverse fixture like this but we’re thankful for it this week to put things right. 

“We were in a position where we knew if we won on Saturday at Millburn we’d be going into this week’s match knowing another win would put us in a promotion spot but we’ve blown that chance now. 

“We need to start working hard to give ourselves that chance again - starting this weekend at Keanie Park.”