WHEN you are youngster who is constantly getting bawled at by a seasoned pro, its easy to crumble under the pressure.

Especially when you’re the youngest in defence and you have and England striker screaming at you to push higher up.

But that’s what Anton Ferdinand had with Teddy Sheringham and the 33-year-old reckons it helped shape his career. 

Now, it's Ferdinand who is the experienced head and in recent weeks he has taken teenager Ethan Erhahon under his wing. 

Ferdinand told The Gazette: "Teddy used to moan at me if the back line wasn't high enough and I was the youngest one in it. 

The Gazette:

Anton played together with Manchester United legend Sheringham at West Ham United 

"I used to think, 'why's he moaning at me?' but it was for a reason. 

"I was the quickest one in the backline and he expected me to be the highest. 

"Until I asked the question I thought he was picking on me but he wasn't. What he did to me has helped me all the way through my career.”

Fast forward to 2018 and how does Ferdinand view the prospects of Erhahon? 

"He’s been very good," Ferdinand continued. 

"He still has a lot to learn like all young players, like myself (at his age), but I’ve been impressed with him.

The Gazette:

Erhahon has so far impressed

"It’s about consistency though. How many games has he been in, ten? Six or eight games he’s played – these are still the early stages and he's still running on adrenaline.

"When the adrenaline stops are we going to see consistency, that’s the question. I believe in what I’ve seen of him that he will have that.”

Ferdinand’s contract is up next month but he’s keen to hang around and try and finish the job of keeping Saints in the Premiership.

Speaking candidly, he revealed what boss Oran Kearney said to make him sign up in the first place.

He continued: “It's down to the club. As I say it’s a tricky one because I’m enjoying my football. I’m playing week in week out and enjoying it.

The Gazette:

Oran Kearney has endured a difficult start to life in Paisley

"But at my age security comes first. If another club comes now I don’t know.

"I’m playing now so it’s different. There’s been people asking but what will be will be.

"I won’t rule out staying. The big thing for me is having unfinished business here in terms of this club staying in the Premiership.

"My character is not one of being involved in something and then leaving before it’s finished.

"I’m living away from my family at the moment, which is hard. If something was to come up, then it might force my hand.

"I’m playing in the Premiership and I’m enjoying myself. I wouldn’t want to leave and then the club goes down and I think I could’ve played a part in keeping them up – I don’t want to be in the situation.

"I had a meeting with the manager the first night I came up here and everything he said to me was the right thing.

The Gazette:

Ferdinand, who is the younger brother of former Manchester United captain Rio, has brought much needed experience to the young St Mirren side 

"The club needed a senior player within the dressing room and I fitted the bill.

"I would be leaving my family, but everybody’s got to work. I come from a working-class background like everybody else and when you’ve got to work, you’ve got to work.

"I’m lucky enough that I’ve got a good family behind me, a good wife and kids who understand and allow me to get on with my work which benefits them. 

"To me it would mean more for the gaffer that he’s made the club stay in this league because I feel that he deserves it. Just from that first conversation that we had.

"They say there’s not many good guys in football but he is one, 100 per cent."