People say there’s nothing as boring as watching paint dry.

Greg Tansey would raise them fifteen months on the sidelines - mostly because that’s exactly what he did.

The former Aberdeen man bought a house in the Granite City and did it up to stop him dowelling on the injury. 

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He said: "I’d just moved into my house in Aberdeen. My plan was to do it up. I didn’t have the time because we were in Europe then.

"When I was injured I had seven months out so I just did the house up by myself. All of it. I painted it. I can’t do wooden floors yet so I had someone into do that and the carpets.

"I've never been any good at Ikea furniture but I became good. It was a new build and it was just that the family before had a different taste to what I did.

"I was doing it to put it on the market to seel. I bought it for that then I was going to move into a smaller flat. Being on my own, it was something to do. 

The Gazette:

Saints secured the services of Anton Ferdinand until the end of the season yesterday 

"It's selling now, so if anyone is interested!"

After all that time out, you can understand why the ex-Inverness midfielder is dying to cross the line again. 

He continued: I can't wait to get out onto the pitch. I've been fit for a couple of months, so the fitness is there.

"I played 90 minutes behind closed doors on Friday and felt great. I've been training and can't wait for today's game.

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"As a footballer, there's nothing worse than being sat on your backside on a Saturday and just watching Soccer Saturday. 

"I got to the stage where I had to turn it off, it used to do my head in so much."