ORAN Kearney is keen to ensure Saturday's crucial home win over Livingston does not soften attitudes in St Mirren's bid to beat the drop.

The bottom side's 1-0 Ladbrokes Premiership victory against the Lions followed two draws, after five straight defeats in all competitions, and drew the Paisley club to withing a point of second-bottom Dundee and to within four of Hamilton.

Ahead of the home game against Kilmarnock on Monday night, Kearney rejected the idea his side have started to hit form.

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He said: "I have been in football long enough to know that the minute you take your foot off the pedal or even worse, start to pat yourself on the back and think that things are starting to change or go the way you want them to go, that it will be whipped from below your feet.

"It hasn't been the mindset from me since Saturday and it definitely hasn't been the mindset from training either.

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"A victory and the plaudits that come with it can all of a sudden soften people and they take for granted the pats on the back and start to believe the pats on the back which can be dangerous as well.

"So with that, you are even more guarded after a victory, where you want to try to reinforce why the victory arrived but it also keeps people's feet on the ground."

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