St Mirren striker Duckens Nazon has laid down the gauntlet his Saints teammates, insisting they need to change their mentality in order to stay up.

Nazon will be hoping to get his name on the scoresheet as St Mirren welcome Dundee to Paisley in this afternoon's relegation battle. 

And the 24-year-old is keen to draw on his previous his relegation experience with Oldham where they lost out on goal difference - and make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

He said: “We need to feel that winning mindset more. I had a similar situation at Oldham where we were relegated by only one goal. 

"But, we had an aggressive mindset, there was togetherness and a hunger to do well. I felt we had some players who just turned up and others who were leaders. I’m new at St Mirren so I don’t know what we have. I am a leader in the Haiti side but I’m new at St Mirren and can’t do that here.

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“I have more confidence with Haiti as the guys know me and I can play easier but I can’t impose myself like that here. Maybe the boys will say that this guy talks too much and this or that.That’s why I think we need a leader. I don’t know what St Mirren have. We have some leaders on the pitch and good attitude and you can see the ones who want it and those who don’t.

“Some want it more than the other guy. In the position we are in now, we need to feel it more. The difference between ourselves and Dundee is going to be togetherness and who is stronger as a group. 

The Gazette: Nazon hoping to carry international form with Haiti into this afternoon's matchNazon hoping to carry international form with Haiti into this afternoon's match

"We will learn about that today. I don’t know if I’m going to talk on Saturday as I think we have some boys who can talk in a group and they have the players behind them. We need these guys to talk and be positive, it’s only positive things we need. On the pitch I try to do my best to try and help St Mirren stay up.”

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Nazon started the bench for the Buddies' trip to St Johnstone on Wednesday night as he had just returned from international duty. 

The Haiti forward scored to help them qualify for League A of the CONCACAF National League and they have qualified for the Gold Cup in December.

And while he only managed to get 20 minutes in midweek, Nazon has rested and is ready to go for the crucial clash against the Dee this afternoon.

He continued: “It was really hard coming back as even if I only played 20 minutes I had all of the travelling both to and from Haiti. I feel okay now as I’ve had plenty of rest. Normally it would be a straight flight but I had to go to Paris to pick up my dad and then we flew via Guadalupe.

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“It was two and half hours from Guadalupe from Haiti and then a further seven and a half hours back to Paris and then a flight to Glasgow. I was straight off the flight and then up to Perth for the St Johnstone game. The weather was a bit different in Haiti but the football is better here.”