Jamie McKim has asked Johnstone Burgh fans to remain patient after they fell to a heavy 5-0 defeat at home to Vale of Leven at the weekend.

McKim insists he is hurting as much as any of the fans after a frustrating season at Keanie Park but he is adamant the club is heading in the right direction, despite Saturday’s loss leaving them languishing in 10th position in the West Region League Two table.

Burgh were looking to put back-to-back wins together for the first time since November as they welcomed Vale to Keanie, boosted by last weekend’s 3-2 victory over Forth Wanderers, but Brian Brown’s high-flying side had other ideas as they continued their push for promotion in emphatic style.

McKim revealed he read some of the negative comments posted on social media after the loss but has asked Burgh supporters to back him and the board – and promised them the club is moving in the right direction.

“That was just disappointing, there’s no other way to look at that,” McKim told Gazette Sport. “We were doing alright until we conceded the first goal and then it went from okay to unacceptable really quick to be honest.

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“My response to anyone that has a go at us at the moment would be to say I’m hurting just as much as they are. It’s frustrating watching it from the sidelines too but the fans need to show some patience in us. 

“We’ve been getting pelters on a few occasions online but I don’t think it’s justified when you consider the state of the team when we took over. 

“We’ve made a lot of progress over the year. If I thought for a minute that the job was too difficult or I couldn’t turn this around then I would walk away but I know we can do it.

“Although I am disheartened at how this season has gone, I am still excited and upbeat when I look ahead to the future. 

“We’ve made massive progress as a club. It’s not showing on the pitch at the moment but we have done so much behind the scenes in terms of how it’s run. We’re a much more professional outfit now and that will benefit us in the long run.”

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One of the most frustrating aspects for McKim is the fact that Burgh did start the season so well with big Sectional League Cup wins over Renfrew, Neilston and Arthurlie.

It has gone downhill since then, however, with the club unable to deal with a number of injury setbacks.

McKim added: “We’ve not had any breaks this season at all and it’s just continuing. I’ve been working with a squad that’s been decimated over the last few months with injuries and players leaving. 

“Over the course of the season we’ve lost 16 players. I don’t think any manager at any level could deal with that. I’ve been left a bit disheartened by it but it’s my job to keep the spirits up and finish the season strongly.”

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