Renfrew boss Colin Clark was left infuriated by a 'jobsworth' linesmen who demanded substitute Craig Dallas remove his underwear on the sidelines before being allowed on the pitch in their 3-1 defeat away to Clydebank at the weekend.

Frew found themselves 2-0 down inside the opening two minutes as the Bankies went on to secure three points.

The Gazette: Dallas demonstrates compliance with the dress code prior to entry (Photo: Stevie Doogan)Dallas demonstrates compliance with the dress code prior to entry (Photo: Stevie Doogan)

And while Clark was disappointed with the result and the manner of the goals conceded, he directed the majority of his frustrations at Elliot Husband Powton on the line.

“The Craig Dallas incident was just outright ridiculous," Clark told Gazette Sport. "The linesmen pulled up one of our players in the dressing room before the match about his white underwear not matching his shorts.

"I had a go at him for that and I think he’s then taken that out on Craig when he was due to get subbed on.

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“First of all the linesman demanding Craig's sock tape was the same colour as the rest of his socks. When Craig bent down to sort his that out the linesman noticed his underwear had a black band on them and actually made him take them off in the dugout as our shorts and red and white. That’s as pedantic as it is ridiculous.

"Match officials have a hard enough time in the game these days without silly incidents like this making it harder and turning more people against them."