St Mirren skipper Stephen McGinn gets married at the end of the season and while fiancée Ashley is sweating over seating arrangements, the midfielder is glad of the distraction his side's relegation dog fight is providing. 

The 30-year-old is hoping to wrap up automatic Premiership survival in the remaining two games of the season in order to have a stag do in London, on the same weekend his brother John could star in a Wembley Championship play-off final for Aston Villa. 

But, for now, the Buddies are his priority with McGinn hoping to lead Saints to all three points on Monday night and ensure the race goes all the way until the final day of the season.

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He said: "It is probably the maddest time ever - there are less stressful ways to go about your life. For anybody that has been married, then it is interesting how you arrive at certain things. It has not been easy juggling family decisions about who sits where in between looking at results and all the permutations for a relegation battle. I've tried to keep well away from the wedding stuff but you get dragged into it all.

“We really want to put all the pressure on Hamilton on the final day. That would put the squeeze on them. It’s strange because, although it’s been a three-way battle to avoid relegation, they’ve somehow managed to keep their noses in front of us all season - sometimes just a point ahead, at others, as much as seven. It would be quite ironic, then, if we were to nip in front of them in the very last game of the campaign.

"If John is in the play-off final with Aston Villa then God forbid St Mirren are also in the play-offs then I think we play on the Sunday and the English final is on the Monday. Then I will be getting married on Friday. If results all go in our favour then hopefully I will be able to squeeze some sort of stag do in.”

Two wins and six points in their final two games could still not be enough for Saints with Oran Kearney's side having to rely on results elsewhere, but McGinn is adamant that finishing the season with a flourish is key for their momentum if they were to find themselves in the play-offs.

The former Watford midfielder wants to get six points out of six even if Hamilton win on the final day for his side’s momentum going into the playoffs. 

The Paisley side have lost only once in their last six league games, against champions Celtic, as Saints have made late run in order to try and preserve their Premiership status. 

And McGinn can’t recall a top flight team coming into the two-legged tie in that kind of form. 

He continued: "St Mirrren are desperate not to be in the play-offs.

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"The kind of season we have had and the recent momentum we have built up then I'd rather it wasn't the play-offs. We want to do everything we can to win on Monday against Hamilton and then beat Dundee on the last day and put it all on Hamilton to beat St Johnstone. If everything goes to plan it would cap off a mad season in a brilliant way. If it has to be the play-offs then so be it but we will be more than ready for it.

“This is probably our best run of the season – just one defeat in six and that was against Celtic – and if we do win our last two games and still end up in the play-offs, not many Premiership teams will have gone into them with that kind of momentum.”

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