By Neil Cameron 

QUALITY over quantity is always the best way forward. It's rare for anyone to have too much of a good thing.

Just ask St Mirren captain Stephen McGinn who a year ago watched in bewilderment as player after player, not close to being good enough for the Ladbrokes Premiership, turned up at the club.

This transfer policy meant Alan Stubbs didn't last long in Paisley, Oran Kearney came in and the team really only started to do well once the Irishman could take a flame-thrower to that squad.

Now, Jim Goodwin has come in and rather than sign players for the sake it it, he's taking his time which meant a poor League Cup campaign.

However, nobody in the dressing room has any problems with hos the new gaffer is going about things.

McGinn said: "We work with the manager every day and we can see we are going in the right director. I promise you, there is no panic within the dressing room.

“We are happy that he isn’t just adding players for the sake of it.

“The panic from the fans will come from the fact that we have played three teams from divisions below us and needed a penalty to beat Edinburgh City, so the pressure and the panic comes from results, but we feel we are going in the right direction.

“Not just filling positions is something I’m comfortable with."

This should come as good news to the St Mirren fans who, understandably, are worried about how their team are going to fare given the lack of new faces so far.

At least this season, Goodwin is in from the start and is the right man for the job.

McGinn said: "We’re well aware the manager is looking to bring players in and strengthen the team, so it’s not to panic too much as we haven’t played a league game, yet.

“The way we finished the season, we played well into May with the play-offs and the manager left the week before the season started, so the new manager didn’t meet us until we were in Spain. We knew it was going to be a bit topsy-turvy.

“Of course, we have players in the dressing room who should still be looking to win the Betfred games we had without being disrespectful to the opposition.

"But the manager is just in the door and there’s no major panic because he’s looking to add quality.

"I’ve been in clubs before where players have just been added because positions are needing filled, but it’s not like that.

“The mental nature of up here going into competitive games when they are pre-season matches around Europe, it has made it a tough couple of weeks, but it’s been great to be around the place and the manager has been brilliant.

“We really trust him to bring in the right players to make us competitive.

“It’s totally different from last season. There are funds available as the club has said they’ll back the manager. He could go out and sign players who wouldn’t make us better, but he’s not looking for that.

“We know from a brilliant end to last season that we still have a good core of players and we are just missing that wee magic touch that an Anders Dreyer or a Kyle McAllister gave us in that run at the end of the season.

“We were able to get those types in last year, so we trust it can happen again and we can get guys who can be game changers."

Meanwhile, St Mirren have signed “old-fashioned winger” Ilkay Durmus on a two-year deal from Austrian side Wacker Innsbruck.

The German-born former Turkey youth international played in both his native and ancestral land before moving to Austria.

Manager Goodwin feels the 25-year-old will provide an “abundance” of sorely-needed pace.

Goodwin added on his club’s website: “He is a very attack-minded, old-fashioned winger and players like that excite me and I think he’ll excite supporters as well.

“He’s direct, he’s positive, he puts a great ball in so he’s one to be very excited about.

“He’s a couple of weeks behind with regards to pre-season training but we’ll get him up to speed and I think he’s one that the fans will certainly get off their seats to watch.”

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