JAMIE McKim has urged Junior football clubs to stick together amid plans to move to the Senior pyramid.

East of Scotland and Lowland League bosses revealed last week that talks had broken down within the Pyramid Working Group, effectively ending proposals to create a new league with Junior football chiefs.

Instead, the two organisations have now opened the door to creating their own West of Scotland league at tier six of the Senior pyramid, with a number of clubs already expressing an interest in making the move.

And McKim hopes that, whatever the outcome, the Junior teams will all be in the same boat.

He told Gazette Sport: “The grade should stick together, rather than individual clubs peeling off.

“It would be stronger.”

McKim continued: “A lot of people have put funding in towards their grounds and things and you don’t want all that to be for nothing.

“A lot of the clubs are all very similar in terms of the committees and supporters in that they’re older generations and looking to attract younger people, so as a whole I think they would be better off together.”

On the pitch, McKim has backed his players to remain focused after they suffered the frustration of yet another postponement at the weekend.

Keanie Park was set to play host to Annbank United but the early effects of Storm Ciara meant that no game would take place.

McKim said: “We’re all finding it really difficult but its one of these things. It’s there to test us mentally.

“It challenges the mentality and how much you’re willing to stay disciplined and train whilst the games aren’t going ahead.

“We need to remain focused and keep working hard.

“The games will come, so it’s when we get them that we need to make sure we are ready.”

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