JOHNSTONE Burgh have announced their intention to apply to join the new West of Scotland Football League.

The new set-up will see teams start at ‘Tier 6’ in the Scottish football pyramid and potentially work their way up through the leagues.

In the meantime, Burgh boss Jamie McKim is hoping the Scottish Junior Football Association doesn’t make the current season null and void.

The Keanie Park club currently occupy fifth place in League Two but have as many as 10 games in hand on teams above them and have won 13 out of 14 league fixtures.

McKim said: “I don’t think you can start another league before you finish the one that you’re currently in.

“That says to me that’s nine months work for nothing.

“They’ll need to play this to a close somehow and take it from there. We’ve won 13 out of 14 league game, so we’re obviously doing well.

“Football does come second at the moment.”