JOHNSTONE Burgh manager Jamie McKim believes the club’s decision to apply to join the West of Scotland Football League is “forward thinking” and “progressive.”

The Keanie Park outfit announced last week that it was to apply for a place in the new ‘Tier 6’ of the Scottish football pyramid, which gives Junior clubs the chance to work their way up the leagues.

This wasn’t previously possible and follows a similar move by ex-Junior clubs from the east of Scotland, including Sauchie Juniors, in 2018.

Nearly 50 clubs from the West of Scotland Juniors had already announced their intention to apply for a place in the new league before last night’s deadline.

McKim said: “I was of the opinion – and we all were, as a club – that Junior clubs should stick together whatever they do and I think that’s what looks like happening.
“The vast majority of clubs have expressed their interest one way or another.
“It’s progressive and forward thinking and that’s the type of club we are trying to be, so hopefully it’s a good thing for us going forward.

“If the Junior sides break into two then it maybe becomes a poorer product for supporters to come and watch. The fact that most of the Junior clubs are staying together is a big strong point for me.”

Meanwhile, club treasurer Brian Williams has released a statement in a bid to ease fans’ worries regarding the club’s finances during the shutdown.

The Scottish FA have ruled that no games should take place at any level due to the Covid-19 outbreak, with clubs across the country being hit hard as they have no income from gate receipts.

Williams said: “I would like to reassure the supporters who are worried about the finances of the club.

“The Burgh are not in any financial danger at this moment in time, although that could change depending on how long we are closed down.

“We are hoping the season will continue at some point and the team can continue their good form.

“Finances will be stretched and I will keep you all updated.”

The full statement is available on Johnstone Burgh’s social media channels.