Johnstone Burgh manager Jamie McKim has called for strong leadership from the Scottish Junior Football Association after the remainder of this season was cancelled by the governing body.

McKim’s men find themselves in the unique position of having only played 14 games this League Two campaign, winning 13 and looking set for promotion, if not the title.

In an e-mail sent to member clubs on Friday, the SJFA confirmed that no more games would take place this season but failed to say what would happen with final league standings, including relegation and promotion.

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The boss of the Keanie Park team admits he felt his troops were set for the title but ultimately does agree with the SJFA’s verdict.

He told Gazette Sport: “There’s not really any scope of us playing anytime soon and, if they keep pushing back the decision, then that would just be delaying the inevitable.

“The only thing I don’t agree with is that they haven’t actually told us what they’re doing yet.

“We’ve not heard how they are going to place the league or heard from the West Region how the new leagues are going to work.

“There’s no communication, which is disappointing and frustrating for all the clubs.”

Burgh are among the majority of West Region teams to apply to join the Senior set-up and a new West of Scotland Football League at tier six in the pyramid.

This would give Junior sides the chance to climb the leagues into the SPFL.

McKim continued: “With the players, coaches and set-up we had, I thought we would have gone on to win the league. I’ve not said that outright but that’s what we have quietly hoped in the dressing room.

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“I would have thought, if the SJFA were going to come out and say we’re going to cancel the season, they’d have been better saying it was going to be cancelled and this is how we’re going to finish it, rather than coming out with separate statements and leaving everybody hanging.

“Now is the time for strong leadership and I thought we got it at the start but now it’s just fading away. I think the leaders need to be looking at it and thinking what is best for the game.”