The West of Scotland Football League season will be declared null and void if teams aren't able to resume full contact training before April 3.

The board decided that due to the current suspension of the game due to the coronavirus pandemic, the season would be ended early.

The resumption of training before April 3 would allow clubs to resume competitive fixtures by April 17.

At the start of the season, the then Interim Management Group confirmed that half of matches across all divisions would be required to be played to allow the league to be determined on a points-per-game basis, should the league competition have to end prior to the completion of all fixtures.

Currently, no team has played more than nine games across the divisions.

The champions of the Premier Division would have to be determined before May 22 to allow for possible participation in Lowland league Play-offs.

The league has made it clear that if this is not possible, then attention will turn to planning for the 2021/22 season.

Renfrew are currently unbeaten and fourth in WoSFL Conference A with nine points from five matches, while Johnstone Burgh are third in Conference B with 19 points from seven games.

Burgh manager Jamie McKim recently said his players need to get back to kicking a ball as soon as possible as he fears for their physical and mental wellbeing as they wait to discover the fate of the 2020/21 campaign.

Frew boss Colin Clark, meanwhile, admitted earlier this month he would rather see his team’s league campaign scrapped as the Covid crisis continues.

With no promotion or relegation to play for in Conference A, B or C, he believes the safest course of action would be to pull the plug on those competitions rather than risk spreading the virus.

Read the full statement from the WOSFL here.