ST MIRREN supporters have been warned they face being chucked out of the 2021 Stadium if caught filming matches without authorisation.

Gazette Sport understands the matter was discussed between representatives at the most recent meeting of all SPFL member clubs.

A source revealed that clubs were “reminded of the threat posed” by unauthorised filming at matches.

They were all asked to step up their vigilance in monitoring offenders and taking the appropriate action.

Saints’ head of media James Hunter told Gazette Sport: “We will be following the rules set down by the SPFL to all member clubs and will enforce them.

“Anyone found using their mobile phones or any other device to film matches will be asked by stewards to put them away. If they persist, they face being ejected from the ground.

“We have St Mirren TV, which is set up for fans from afar, and a subscription site which allows fans to see a delayed transmission of matches at midnight the same day.”

However, the clampdown sparked outrage amongst Saints fans on social media.

One tweet on the Black and White Army site stated: “The SPFL have instructed all member clubs to clamp down hard on live filming of games.

“As such, there will be no more live Periscope from games at home or away, I’m afraid. It was fun whilst it lasted but the party is over.

“Clubs have been told to eject anyone filming a game. The league collectively is getting tough on it and, to be fair, it has always been illegal.

“I think they will eventually have a problem with the technology as cameras get smaller and more discreet. A pinhole camera connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, for example, would be virtually impossible to detect.”