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Convicted murderer robbed business society

18 Apr 2014 17:00

A CONVICTED murderer carried out two armed robberies just a year after being freed from a life sentence.

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Pupil’s pirate badge in top place

18 Apr 2014 15:00

IT is ships ahoy for one Houston youngster who will see her unique pirate design on badges awarded to more than 300,000 children this month.

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Primary enjoys Fairtrade fun

18 Apr 2014 13:00

A FLURRY of excitement took over Newmains Primary as a fortnight of Fairtrade fun had staff, pupils, parents and community groups raising awareness.

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Group scouting for votes to secure future

18 Apr 2014 11:00

A SCOUT group is fearing for its future as new legislation could force builders to destroy its hall.

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Veteran proud after art award

18 Apr 2014 10:00

A TALENTED pensioner is celebrating after his poignant painting won the Erskine charity’s veterans’ art competition.

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Police launch op to slam the door on bogus traders

18 Apr 2014 09:00

POLICE have launched a massive crackdown on “vile and digusting” criminals who target the elderly and vulnerable by posing as legitimate business people.

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McKim fears sad ending to Johnstone Burgh tenure

18 Apr 2014 08:30

JOHNSTONE Burgh assistant manager Eddie McKim admits relegation would be a sad way to bring down the curtain on his time with Johnstone Burgh.

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Renfrew 2-3 Kilwinning Rangers

17 Apr 2014 09:30

RENFREW produced another spirited display last night but eventually fell to visitors Kilwinning Rangers.

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Renfrew boss Colin Clark rues typical Saturday

17 Apr 2014 08:30

RENFREW boss Colin Clark believes Saturday’s last gasp defeat at hands of Yoker summed up Frew’s floundering season.

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Shettleston 5-1 Johnstone Burgh

16 Apr 2014 15:00

BURGH slumped to the bottom of the table following a crushing defeat at the hands of high-flyers Shettleston.

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Derek Mackay Writes for You

THIS week's column from MSP Derek Mackay

17 Apr 2014 09:30

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Your man at the Scottish Parliament Hugh Henry MSP

2 Apr 2014 10:00

This week Hugh Henry, MSP for Renfrewshire South, speaks about the work being done for those suffering cancer and calls for better access for the disabled at train stations.

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The View From Holyrood

27 Mar 2014 09:30

This week’s column from MSP Hugh Henry

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MSP Derek Mackay writes for you

29 Nov 2013 09:30

This week's opinion column from your local MSP

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Brick town arrives at Paisley Museum

19 Nov 2013 09:30

THE second part of the phenomenally successful ‘Brick City’ exhibition opens at Paisley Museum on Saturday, November 23.

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Lego Exhibition

30 Oct 2013 09:30

A MUST-SEE exhibition for fans of LEGO® young and old, Brick City is a display of the world’s most iconic buildings and landmarks by LEGO artist Warren Elsmore, one of the very few professional LEGO artists in the country.

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