A NEW administration is set to take shape at Renfrewshire Council.

Elected members will meet on Wednesday for the first time since voters went to the ballot box on May 4.

On the agenda will be the selection of the new council leader, deputy leader, provost and committee conveners.

However, last night, it remained unclear who would be in control of the local authority.

The SNP, led by Iain Nicolson, became the largest party in Renfrewshire, with 19 seats, but this was not enough to secure an overall majority.

Talks have since taken place between the Nationalists and Labour but no power-sharing agreement was reached.

Cllr Nicolson said: “We don’t want a bun fight between politicians about who gets what.

“We want what is best for Renfrewshire and that may just be a hung council.

“I hope that all of the councillors will recognise their obligations.

“We are still open to further talks with Labour but we have been waiting for them to come back to us.”

Cllr Eddie Devine, who is leader of Renfrewshire’s Labour group, is also hoping for a resolution at tomorrow’s meeting.

He said: “I wish I was able to say what is going to happen but I can’t because no-one has come forward from the SNP with any proposals.”

Cllr Devine also said he “would not be surprised” if the council rejoins Cosla - an umbrella organisation that works with local authorities across Scotland to try to improve local services and strengthen democracy.

Renfrewshire Council joined rival organisation the Scottish Local Government Partnership two years ago following rows with Cosla over where power lay, the overall effectiveness of the body and how funding was distributed.

The Conservatives secured eight seats at the council elections and will continue to be led by James MacLaren.

Tory members have admitted a partnership with either the SNP or Labour in Renfrewshire is unlikely.

Also expected to take their place in the council chambers in Paisley for tomorrow’s meeting are the sole Liberal Democrat representative Eileen McCartin and the two Independent councillors, Paul Mack and Andy Doig.