POLICE have launched a three-month crackdown that will tackle violent crime across Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire this summer.

The Safe Summer campaign will target alcohol-related violence, offensive weapons and disorder, with officers focusing on known ‘hotspots’ in both areas.

Top cops have said the use of intelligence-led policing and predictive analysis tools will help to identify the root causes of disorder, so that resources can be directed specifically to tackle the culprits.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Williams, said: “Tackling violent crime and disorder is a priority for us.

“While overall violent crime continues to drop across the country, we have seen increases in some specific crime types such as murder, serious assault and robbery.

“Violent crime has a substantial economic and social cost to Scotland’s communities and it is really clear that the over consumption of alcohol is a major factor.

“Local crime analysis indicates that alcohol is a factor in over half of all violent incidents we deal with and, while understanding the root causes of violence is complex, this clear link is very concerning.”

Over the summer months, officers in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire will be working closely with members of the licensed trade to implement measures that aim to reduce violent crime.

These will include staff training under the ‘Best Bar None’ programme, as well as education and diversionary work with young people on the triggers and consequences of violence.

Assistant Chief Constable Williams added: “This work will complement the range of operations carried out by divisions to target violence that is specific to them at a local level.”

Latest figures show that, overall, violent crime across Scotland is down by 0.6 per cent this year.

However, there has been a 5.2 per cent increase in crimes such as serious assaults and robberies.

Police have also reported a rise in the number of crimes involving people carrying offensive or bladed weapons.

The Safe Summer campaign has been launched to boost ongoing efforts to tackle crime, with police in areas such as Renfrew and Erskine already clamping down on underage drinking in a bid to make communities safer.