Glasgow cabbies have hit out at an international report which claims the city’s taxis are among the most expensive in the world when it comes to giving punters a ride to the airport.

New Zealand-based company GO Rental investigated taxi fares in more than 80 cities across the globe this week.

Their study claimed that a return trip from the city centre to Glasgow Airport would cost customers £59.14 in a taxi, reports The Scottish Sun. With Uber, however, this cost allegedly dropped to £27.60.

Speaking on behalf of Glasgow Taxis Ltd, though, executive committee chairman, Stephen Flynn, described the study as “a thinly-veiled promotion of Uber that any customer will see right through.”

He also insisted the figures quoted are “completely inaccurate” and “a blatant attempt to mislead the public.”

Mr Flynn added: “A fixed cost return through our system is £42.40  - significantly less than shown in the study.

“A Glasgow Taxi from Glasgow Airport to anywhere in the city is £18.70, while the return journey is £23.70.”

Hitting out at Uber, he said: “Uber users are also at the mercy of excessive price surges.”

Glasgow Airport and Unite the Union Glasgow Cab Section also spoke out against the survey’s results, reports The Sun.

Mr Flynn’s comments come just a week after Glasgow Taxis urged council bosses to ban Uber in the city in the same way London has taken action against the popular ride-hailing app.

Transport for London (TfL) said it took the decision on the grounds of “public safety and security implications.”

Speaking with the Evening Times, however, a Glasgow City Council spokesman rejected the idea and said “there is nothing for the council to consider.”