OFFICERS are investigating after a medical bag containing potentially deadly drugs was either lost or stolen in Paisley.

The bright yellow bag contained a range of medicines and went missing while medical staff attended and address in Stathdon Avenue on Monday.

The bag contained Amiodarone, Glucagen, Chlorphenamine, Clopidogrel, Glyceryl Trinitrate, Paracetamol, Adrenaline, Naloxone, Ventolin Nebule, Ipratropium, Aspirin, Diazemuls, Ondansetron, Tranexamic acid, Atropine, Benzylpenicillin, Diazepam, Dexamethasone and Lidocain. 

The drugs if taken without supervision could have potentially serious or fatal consequences.

Police are asking anyone who has been offered these drugs or may know of their whereabouts to call 101.