LIVING the high life just got even better for residents of a Johnstone tower block.

Work on a makeover to create a welcoming entrance area at the Provost Close multi-storey flats was completed in time for Christmas.

The upgrade to the 13-storey building includes a new extension, with a state-of-the-art buzzer-operated entry system and automatic door.

Stylish wall and floor tiles and energy-efficient sensor-activated lighting help to create a warm and safe feel in the foyer.

And a new brick finish to the external walls, together with freshly-painted fencing and shutters, means residents have an arrival area to be proud of.

Bob Duffy, who lives on the 11th floor and is a member of the tenants’ and residents’ association, hailed the positive impact of the improvement works.

He told The Gazette: “The biggest thing for me has been how the change in appearance of the building has changed the attitudes of local people towards the people who live here.

“The entrance area had looked a bit tired but now the modernisation means the public look at the building differently.

“The foyer lighting is great and makes the place feel a lot safer. All in all, it is a very warm and welcoming environment and really looks the part.”

Ann MacNeill, who moved into a top-floor flat at Provost Close when the building opened in 1976, added: “I am really impressed with the works to the foyer.

“I have such a wonderful view, especially on a crisp, sunny morning. I remember my mum came to visit not long after I moved in, looked out the window to see a plane taking off and turned to me and said she could see the pilot changing his socks.”