FED-UP Johnstone residents are demanding action to tackle flooding which has transformed their streets into “mini-lakes.”

Families living in Craigview Avenue and Dundonald Avenue say the flooding is caused by a blocked culvert at the old Cochrane Castle Primary site.

They have been complaining to Renfrewshire Council about the problem for months but a solution has yet to be found.

Dundonald Avenue residents Marion and Steven Forbes said: “We’ve been on to the council about this since February. Basically, there’s a lake in the middle of the road. They’ve come out but they’re not fixing it properly.

“We’re worried about the water freezing over in winter.

“We really want this fixed.”

Councillor John Hood, who represents Johnstone South and Elderslie, said the flooding problem has been ongoing for years.

He added: “The council has been out to try to sort it but it just keeps filling up again.

“The former school site is council land, so it is definitely their responsibility to sort this.”

A council spokesman issued an apology to residents.

He said: “We are working hard to address an historic issue of water gathering at Dundonald Avenue and Craigview Avenue.

“We have been unblocking more than 200 metres of drain and are replacing gully and manhole covers.

“We will be carrying out a survey of the drainage line in Dundonald Avenue to identify if there are any remaining blockages.

“Repairs have also been made to the culvert at the former Cochrane Castle school site.”