A MAN was beaten up by thugs in front of his family as they returned home from a night out in Linwood.

The victim, aged 45, was walking home with his wife and nine-year-old son from Woodlands Bowling Club when he was attacked by two men.

Described as being aged between 15 and 20-years-old, the pair were driving on the footpath at Edmiston Drive on their motorbikes.

After approaching the men due to the manner of their driving, the father was assaulted by one of the attackers.

He was punched several times before the men made off on their bikes.

The incident took place on Saturday, July 9 between 11pm to 11.30pm.

Inspector Cassie Glass said: "The victim challenged the men as they were driving on the footpath near to Edmiston Drive in Linwood.

"They became aggressive towards him. He was hit over the head and punched on the back of the head several times.

"The attack was witnessed by the victim's family.

"There is a limited description of the men as the victim did not recall what they looked like.

"This man was only trying to warn them of the dangers of being on the footpath.

"We are trying to find who is responsible for this unprovoked attack and are appealing for the public to help us with this."