IF you are a motorist who uses the road leading towards Glasgow Airport, at the St James’ roundabout, you may well have noticed that a planned closure has not taken place.

The signs that went up locally to tell everyone the road would be closed have since been taken back down, which will have prompted a sigh of relief from many drivers.

However, don’t get too relaxed about it, as I’ve been told the road will be closed, just at a later date.

The delay, I believe, is because the Bascule Bridge going into Renfrew is to have work carried out on it lasting for a month, instead of a week.

Good on the authorities for recognising that both road systems couldn’t be shut down at the same time, as they are already becoming more clogged up by the day.

Road closures can happen anywhere at any time but the Hillington/Arkleston and Glasgow Airport carriageways seem to be regular casualties.

I decided to have a look at the new motorway junction at Bishopton, which is coming on at a pace.

Disgruntled drivers there told me that, because traffic has to travel on the M8, it causes further delays to those going on to Erskine.

I then went around the Dargarvel estate and took a trip to the Houston end, where the houses are also going up quickly.

Again, there are concerns about an increase in traffic.

If travelling east, it looks as though vehicles will come out on the Georgetown Strait road, at its junction looking onto the Inchinnan Business Park.

And from there the traffic either goes right and joins the road around the airport to St James or drivers go left to the Red Smiddy roundabout and on through Erskine to the bridge or turn right to Renfrew.

These traffic issues were raised when the housing development was first considered and it remains to be seen how it all pans out.