A DIGITAL calendar and app will be created as Renfrewshire Council introduces changes to bin collections this November.

Waste officers have vowed to make the rollout of new green bins as smooth as possible as they look to increase recycling in the area.

The green bin will be for plastics, cans and glasses, while existing blue bins will be for paper and cardboard only.

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Meanwhile, grey bins for general waste will be collected once every three weeks, instead of once a fortnight.

Those in charge of the rollout were grilled by councillors at the Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board last week as to how the transition will be managed.

Councillor James MacLaren asked: “I’m concerned about the complexity of this collection scheme and wonder what can be done to make this easier for the public as to what bin goes out when?”

The Gazette:

Cllr James MacLaren voiced his concerns 

Karen Anderson, the council’s amenity services manager, replied: “It’s complicated, so what we have done is we have had various samples of calendars created and we have asked the public what was easier to understand.

“We will have the calendars online and will have an app as well.

“If anyone phones that doesn’t have access to computer equipment to print it off then we will post it out to them but we tend to find it’s few and far between.”

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Councillor Jacqueline Cameron said: “I think it’s really positive that there’s lots of education and roadshows happening.”

Board convener Cathy McEwan added: “One clear thing that has come out of this is that we have excellent waste advisors.”