A CAMPAIGNING councillor has hit out at the leader of Glasgow City Council after a request to consider upgrading the A737 was “snubbed.”

Andy Doig has slammed Councillor Susan Aitken for failing to reply to a formal request from Renfrewshire Council for the Glasgow Region City Deal cabinet to consider upgrading the major road between Kilbarchan and Lochwinnoch.

The independent councillor, who represents the area, said the request was sent to Cllr Aitken seven months ago.

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“It is a matter of record that, on May 10, the council leader of Renfrewshire Council wrote to Councillor Aitken communicating the decision of the leadership board on April 25 requesting that the City Deal cabinet consider promoting the dualling and upgrade of the A737 between Kilbarchan and Lochwinnoch,” said Councillor Doig.

The Gazette:

Campaigners want the A737 to be upgraded to a dual carriageway 

“Astonishingly, after more than seven months, we have had no response.

“Now Transport Scotland have confirmed in the public domain they believe the upgrade of the A737 straddling my ward would be an appropriate City Deal project.

“It is also a matter of public record that only the City Deal cabinet can approve City Deal projects, so the letter of May 10 was entirely proper and appropriate and, on that basis, received all party support.

“Sadly, what is neither proper nor appropriate is the lack of response from Councillor Aitken on this crucial matter.”

Dozens of local residents have submitted complaints to Renfrewshire Council about the state of this stretch of the A737, which is said to be littered with potholes.

Cllr Doig insists the road must be in better condition so people can take full advantage of the job opportunities associated with the Glasgow Airport Investment Area (GAIA), which is also part of the City Deal.

The Gazette:

No reply: Susan Aitken

He said: “The leadership board listened because they were aware of emails from residents complaining about potholes. The A737 is the transport spine of Renfrewshire and to take full advantage of the job opportunities associated with GAIA, we need the A737 fully dualled and upgraded.”

However, a spokesman for the Glasgow City Region City Deal defended the lack of response to the letter sent on May 10.

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He said: “This is something – as would be the case with all projects and proposals that could potentially be funded – that the entire Glasgow City Region City Deal Cabinet would have to consider.

The Gazette:

The stretch of the A737 (marked in red) is one of the main roads in Renfrewshire 

“Proposals for the City Deal have to go through a process that will see an outline business case developed before the full business case is considered and approved by the cabinet.”