GAPING holes in a Johnstone car park have been branded “an accident waiting to happen.”

Residents living near the site in Floors Street are calling for action to cover up exposed drains which are seen as a danger to dog walkers and children.

It is thought the drain covers may have been stolen so they could be sold for their scrap metal value.

While the old car park is rarely used since nearby Floorsburn House was demolished in 2016, it can still be easily accessed – and locals fear someone could be seriously hurt if they step into one of the giant holes.

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Johnstone man Kevin Munro told The Gazette: “Like many people around here, I regularly take my dog to that area and let him off the lead to run around but, just last week, he nearly fell into one of these holes.

“I worry about what could happen if this isn’t sorted. Plenty of folk use the car park as a place to walk their dogs and kids ride their bikes there and run around. They could easily fall in and get seriously hurt.

“I can only assume people have come in and stolen the covers from the drains, which are now exposed and posing a threat.

“The council needs to take action. These drains can’t just be left as they are until someone gets hurt.”

Councillor Andy Doig, who represents Johnstone, said he was shocked when he saw the state of the car park.

He added: “I was quite taken aback. This really is a health and safety issue and needs to be addressed by the council before a child or someone else gets hurt.”

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Cllr Doig believes the site should be overhauled in a bid to encourage shoppers to park there, providing a boost for traders in Johnstone town centre.

He said: “It is spacious and very close the the town centre. I can see no negatives and only positives from this.”

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “We will investigate the concerns raised at this car park and take the appropriate action necessary to ensure it is in a safe condition.”

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