GAVIN Newlands believes this General Election offers voters a clear choice between “the chaos of a broken Westminster system or the chance to shape Scotland’s future.”

The SNP candidate is bidding to retain the Paisley and Renfrewshire North seat he has held since toppling Labour man Jim Sheridan in 2015.

And Mr Newlands is confident he remains the right person to represent the area.

He told The Gazette: “While the UK parties have presided over a Brexit shambles, the SNP have stood up for Scotland and fought for the democratic will of this country.

“Brexit will devastate our communities and our economy but Scotland’s vote to remain in Europe has been ignored and treated with contempt.

“The Tories want to drag us out against our will, while Labour are too busy fighting each other to take on the UK Government.


“Here in Paisley and Renfrewshire North, I’ve held more advice surgeries than any other Scottish MP since I was voted in and, if re-elected, I’ll continue to make myself as accessible as possible.”

Mr Newlands, who saw his majority cut by 13 per cent in the 2017 General Election, says he has worked on 11,000 cases during his four and a half years in office.

This includes working with victims of HELMS, which saw 3,000 Scottish households affected by the mis-selling of energy efficiency products by the company.

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He said: “I’ve led the fight for HELMS victims, tackling Government ministers on their inaction, fought for a fair deal for our post offices, championed the cause of our WASPI women and taken on more than 11,000 cases across every corner of our constituency.

“Twice voters have given me the honour of being their MP.

“Now I ask for another opportunity to carry on the work I’ve done on their behalf.”

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