OFFERING voters a choice is the driving force behind Mark Dougan’s bid to win Paisley and Renfrewshire South for the Conservatives.

Traditionally, the constituency was safe ground for Labour, until the SNP landslide in 2015 saw the Nationalists seize control.

It has never been an area where the Tories have been particularly successful but Mr Dougan said it is important people have the option to change that if they wish.

And the 23-year-old believes he can do a better job than the SNP has managed in the past four years.

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Mr Dougan, who used to be a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament, said: “I’m standing for this seat because people need a choice.

“I believe the SNP have truly failed Renfrewshire, both the north and the south, in terms of focusing too much on the independence issue and Tory-bashing and not enough on the local issues.

“That’s why I’m standing – because I don’t believe they are doing a good job and I’m saying to people that I can do a better job.”

Mr Dougan said he is working hard to convince voters to back him.

“Just because the fight might seem insurmountable doesn’t mean we’re not going to put up a fight,” he added.

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“Labour, nationally, has fallen out of favour with a lot of voters, who are now between the Conservatives and the SNP in Scotland.

“People fought for democracy and you should always use your vote but vote for us because we are the party of the Union and the party that is going to say No to a second independence referendum.”

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