LIBERAL Democrat candidate Jack Clark has vowed to protect the Union as he bids to become Paisley and Renfrewshire South’s new MP.

Mr Clark believes Scotland’s future is best placed within the UK.

“I’m opposed to Scottish independence,” he told The Gazette.

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“I think unions work but I think the UK could work better for Scotland.”

The 20-year-old election hopeful was unable to vote in the 2014 independence referendum but said he would have voted No – and thinks there is no need for another independence poll.

Mr Clark feels there is less of an appetite for Scottish independence than there is for stopping Brexit, despite SNP gains in the last five years.

He continued: “The Brexit referendum was a four per cent margin altogether, whereas with independence it was a 10 per cent margin. It was a much clearer result.”

Mr Clark said the SNP had the chance to set out its vision in its White Paper in 2014 but failed to convince voters.

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"They currently don’t have a credible case for leaving,” he added. “There’s no guarantee we’d be back in the European Union.

“I think a lot of people have switched from Yes to No in that time as well.

“With Brexit, you can see the damage of leaving a 40-year-old union. What would happen if we left a 300-year-old one that’s a lot more closely aligned?”

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