Prime fans have been given a sneak peek at the next new flavour set to hit shelves across the world, including in the UK. 

Prime Hydration already comes in a variety of different flavours including Lemon Lime, Meta Moon, Ice Pop and Tropical Punch. 

One of the more recent additions is the ultra-rare Glowberry Prime.

Prime, which was created by KSI and Logan Paul back in 2022, recently sold its one-billionth bottle worldwide. 

To celebrate the pair gave fans in London and New York the chance to win a 24k solid gold Prime bottle worth USD$500,000 (£405,687). 

Prime lovers had to guess a six-digit code within 48 hours to free the solid gold bottle of Prime or it would be destroyed. 

A young boy in London successfully guessed the code taking home one of the 24k solid gold Prime bottles, while the New York one was destroyed. 

Fans given first look at new Prime flavour following leak

Now the next Prime flavour reportedly set to hit the shelves has been leaked.

Prime Tracker (an app which has been endorsed by KSI himself) leaked a first look at the new flavour - Cherry Freeze, which comes in a bottle with a white and pink label that allegedly changes colour. 

On X (formerly Twitter), the Prime tracking app said: " NEW FLAVOUR LEAK: CHERRY FREEZE!!!

"It looks like the next hydration flavour will be Cherry Freeze!! Our leaker has also noted that this has a special label that changes colour depending on the temperature!!"

"Look insane" - fans already excited about new Prime flavour

Fans took to social media following the news of the potential new flavour of Prime Hydration to share their excitement.


One fan, commenting on the post by Prime Tracker, said: "Looks insane."

Another said: "I need it."

A third user added: "i have to get this when it comes out."

While another Prime-lover commented: "THANK YOU IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG."